A passion for music and people is what drives us forward!

About T.I.M.E

T.I.M.E. is an Essex based music service, with a concept that allows participants of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, the opportunity to express and experiment, for their own benefit, within a musical environment.

Having worked in the education (SEN and Mainstream), care, drug & alcohol rehabilitation, mental health and respite sectors, TIME has become an ever growing and expanding business concept – with no limitations and is available for all.

TIME offer therapeutic/sensory/relaxation based sessions, songwriting workshops, instrument tuition and broader workshops, covering all forms of rhythm building, communication through music, motor skill/co-ordination and speech development and other various approaches to creative and musical expression.

In addition, live performance is one of the key elements of our concept, as this further enables unique opportunities that may not arise frequently in many peoples lives and can create a hugely rewarding effect on the individuals confidence and self-esteem. As a result of this, TIME’s participants have formed bands comprising of members with varying disabilities and have performed their self-composed songs at the Essex County Council Volunteer Awards, The Wat Tyler Paralympic Festival, MIND (National Charity) Fundraising Festival, Barnstock (Essex Based Music Festival for Teenage Cancer Trust) and a variety of live venues, clubs and open mic nights across Essex and London.

No matter what age, background or ability, TIME acknowledge that everyone has the opportunity to produce their own, unique stamp on the musical world. No boundaries are set. No musical experience demanded.




Starting out as a studio engineer and private guitar tutor, I sought opportunities to expand musical approaches and began taking strides into the realms of music therapy. Starting with the offer of voluntary music workshops at local special needs schools and disability day centres, I was able to build a reputation that inspired and enabled me to launch the music service – TIME. Coupled with a background of support work within the realms of disability, mental health, drug and substance mis-use and the homeless sector, I was passionate about enabling those of all ages and abilities with the benefits that creativity and music can bring.

During my initial conception of TIME I was joined by Rob Fillary, whose shared passion and enthusiasm helped take the service further into the professional domain.



Co Founder

My first interaction regarding the creative arts and disability occurred when I was 16 years old. I undertook an artist residency on a voluntary basis at the Pioneer School in Basildon. I began to combine music with visual arts at the school and found that this had a profound impact on the children that I worked with. I eventually ended up working as an LSA at the School and this is where I met my fellow colleague Marc Barnacle.

I pursued working within the visual arts throughout college and studied a Fine Art (BA Hons) degree at the Winchester School of Art. My work focussed on raising awareness and issues in relation to disability. When I finished my degree, Marc and I started to interact and engage more and would converse about the huge benefits and impacts that music has on the most vulnerable on society, and I decided to join his venture in the formulation of TIME.

Working within the creative arts and TIME has truly changed my life for the better and I couldn’t imagine myself dedicating my time to anything else.




I’ve always been madly in love with music. My old home videos are littered with clips of my dad playing Jimmy Hendrix and Rolling Stones to me in a crib, my face would light up as soon as he’d pullout his guitar. Music has this wonderful ability to connect with people at any age or ability, and can cross so many language barriers.

Picking up an instrument opened a whole new world for me. It gave me a passion, a purpose, it led me to meeting some of the most amazing people that have remained my closest friends until today, it gave me confidence, an emotional release, and something to be proud of.

Being a part of TIME is about providing the opportunity to others to receive the same amazing benefits that music gave to me, but also to assist and enable those more vulnerable than myself. My aim when I walk out the door everyday is to bring happiness, joy and wellbeing to as many people as possible, thats what TIME is all about.