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Caged Arts

Caged Arts are a mixed ability band and are the first group to be formed via TIME. Comprising different ages, abilities and backgrounds, these individuals have defied limitations and demonstrated overwhelming creative output.

The group are regulars on the live circuit, playing numerous venues and festivals across the Essex area. This includes appearances on mainstream music nights, which further promotes inclusion and removes the tag of disability that is sometimes applied.

Caged Arts have released two singles that are available via iTunes and all other download and streaming websites. They can be found at the below links:

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Screaming Roar Inside
Papworth Band

The Papworth Band

Over the Summer of 2016 TIME assisted attendees of the Basildon Papworth Centre to compose their own songs. The organisation then kindly funded 2 hours in Harbour Music Studios, where the guys and girls were able to experience a full recording process. All music and lyrics are composed and performed by disabled musicians.

All money raised from sales is split between funding The Basildon Papworth Centre and contributing towards new instruments for TIME clients.

The track is available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all other mainstream digital outlets:

Download it here