Caged Arts - Video shoot gav pattern

Caged Arts

Caged Arts are a mixed ability band and are the first group to be formed via TIME. Comprising different ages, abilities and backgrounds, these individuals have defied limitations and demonstrated overwhelming creative output.

The group are regulars on the live circuit, playing numerous venues and festivals across the Essex area. This includes appearances on mainstream music nights, which further promotes inclusion and removes the tag of disability that is sometimes applied.

Caged Arts have released two singles that are available via iTunes and all other download and streaming websites. They can be found at the below links:

The band have just recorded their third single ‘The Artist’ which will be released in the coming months. Caged Arts have also got through to the final of “Autism’s Got Talent” which is a momentous achievement for the band and they will be performing in London.  The venue and date is still TBC.

A documentary on Caged Arts is also set to be released towards the end of the year.  Keep an eye on our news and events page for updated information on the band and their activities.

The Papworth Band

For the past four years, TIME have been delivering sessions to the Papworth Trust Centre in Basildon, Essex. It has been a wonderful collaboration and over the course of this time, attendee’s have written songs about positive role models, Harry Potter World, London, and buses amidst many other unique subject matters that mean a lot to the group.

More recently, the Papworth Band released their very own music video based on their favourite songs and clubs they attend which can be viewed to the left of this page.

We hope to continue our fantastic and long standing relationship with the Centre and will most certainly be writing more songs and filming more music videos in the future!

The Avelon Road Centre

The Avelon Road Centre is one of the longest standing partners of TIME and we have been delivering sessions with them for a staggering five years! Much like The Papworth Centre, songwriting is abundant in our sessions and the attendee’s have written songs about things that make them happy,  their favourite hobbies and even their favourite foods!

The Centre’s green-fingered gardening group helped to build and plant a sensory garden that inspired the TIME led music group to write and record a song about it! Click on the Youtube video on the left to hear it in all its glory!

Bazza Lennon

Bazza Lennon A.K.A Barry Jones has been working alongside TIME instructor Marc Barnacle writing and composing his own music for just over a year now. His lyrics about space titled ‘Pluto and Mars’ transports the listener to another World whereas sobering and emotive songs such as ‘Mr. Right’ and ‘Solar System’ bring us firmly back down to Earth.

Bazza Lennon has performed at a multitude of events such as Fairkyte’s Live SEND evening, TAGFest and  The Edge Bar and is looking forward to performing at more venues in the future.

Georgia Kent-Smith

Georgia Kent – Smith loves all things musical and Broadway and has constantly amazed TIME’s instructors with her renditions of well known songs such as ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’ and ‘Colour Blind’.

At the annual Fairkytes SEND Live evening, Georgia delved into her love for all things Pop and performed ‘Can’t Fight The Moonlight’ and Adele’s ‘Make You Feel My Love’ to which she received a rapturous response from the crowd.

More recently however, she has began to write her own songs assisted by TIME instructor Michael Barnes. The songs resonate with the raw emotion that Adele’s music exudes but also have a sprinkling of magic that the music of Broadway and the West End provide.

Thomas Turrall

We first met Thomas Turrall at Colombus College where he was volunteering and his confidence and passion for dance and music shone through instantly. Over the years, Thom has kindly offered to perform at our disability club night ‘Involve’ on numerous occasions and has always got the attendee’s on their feet dancing along with him!

He performs his self-choreographed dance routines to hits such as Steps’ ‘5,6,7,8’ and also the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ but adds a poignant dramatic element to his performances, wearing costumes and also using various props which enchant the audience.

More recently, Thom has performed at the Fairkytes SEND evening and received a wonderful ovation and has been asked back to next years event. We hope that our working relationship with Thom continues to blossom and flourish for many years to come!

Eco Wings

We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Eco Wings at Short Street for the 6 months now. The group have absolutely blown us away with both their songwriting, musical and dancing skills and never cease to amaze us.

‘We Love’ is a self-composed song written by the group about all the things that they love doing – from riding on trains to freestyle rapping!

We hope that this is the first of many songs that we write with the group as they have so much to give and many more songs waiting to be written and recorded!

The Hamelin Trust

The Hamelin Trust are always a delight to work in collaboration with and their repertoire of self- composed songs is increasing at a steady rate. The group are formed of individuals with very mixed abilities but they all bring something very unique and personal to the sessions that we deliver.

The video on the left is about their favourite activities that they like to do in the summertime.

Their personalities shine with each recording completed and we can’t wait to record more songs with them!


Jolly House

Jolly House most certainly are a group of very jolly, talented and wonderful individuals!  We’ve been working alongside the group for a number of years now and have written songs, experimented with music technology and they’ve even embraced the sensory instruments that we showcase in our sessions.

To the left is a video of a very enthusiastic resident who loves all things drums and percussion! Here he is demonstrating the Haan (steel tongue) drum.